MERIT serves an emerging diverse business community in Oregon, providing expert entrepreneurial and financial management training and technical assistance, including family-oriented finance management, financial literacy, entrepreneurial skills, to build generational wealth and self-advocacy, fostering inclusiveness in building an environment of equitable prosperity.

Our Vision

We envision MERIT will be the premier organization that serves a culturally, diverse economy by enabling the creation, expansion, and retention of community businesses that will increase the generational wealth of families by advancing their prosperity, promoting their cultivation of transferable assets which will empower our clients to independently and fully engage in all levels of government, business, and civic life.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion

The MERIT team recognizes that to value diversity is to be diverse, accepting, and understanding of the complexity of the diversity and backgrounds of our staff, clients, and members of the community. We must make sure that there is an opportunity for all of our team members to engage in all of our activities as well as the ability by all members of the community to attend and participate in MERIT’s events, and that we all have the right to participate in how Merit makes decisions.

Dedication, Accountability, Transparency & Punctuality

The Merit team believes that in order to be successful we must be dedicated to the Mission of Merit and to serving others, be transparent with the work we do, be punctual in order to effectively serve, be accountable to our clients, funders, stakeholders, and our board as well as each other.


Working as a Team

In order to grow, continuously improve, and build wealth for our clients, our organization, and our community, the Merit team values continuous improvement. While doing this, we recognize that we are not perfect in all we do, but we are willing to adjust in order to become better, growing as an organization in a manner that allows staff to learn and develop as well as expand what we do in service to the community. We want to ensure that we build wealth for our clients, our organization, and our community and ultimately, create an environment that fosters teamwork.


Ethical & Honest 

The Merit team is committed to conducting business in an ethical and honest manner that is consistent in everything we do as professionals.

Leadership, Innovation, Creativity & Solidarity

 We value a leadership style that encourages innovation and promotes creativity in a manner that respects all ideas and builds team solidarity.