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Personal Finance and Credit Program for aspiring entrepreneurs


Marketing and Financial Planning Program to expand businesses



Open to the Public

All you have to do to attend our Pathways Program is register in advance

With our Pathways Program, you'll learn how to get your personal finances and credit in order before you launch or expand your business. Together we'll explore your startup or expansion ideas and work with you to set SMART goals.


$25 - $100 per class meeting (income dependent)

Actual value of Pathways Program is $500

By Application Only

Pathways Program completion or a  Pathways Challenge Packet. 

Included in this program is everything you need to know about launching and expanding your business. We'll cover marketing, social media, financial planning and how to get funding for what you're building.


$100 – $400 (income dependent)
Payable in 3 monthly installments.

Actual value of LaunchPad is $1000


At MERIT, we understand what it's like to run a family business. Family members (including children) and your business partners are welcome to attend classes and meetings with you.


The price of our classes is on a per household/business basis. No one will be turned away for lack of funds and scholarships are available based on income level.

Vision: Business Services

Through a generous grant  funded by the Ford Family Foundation, our team of qualified, QuickBooks-trained, Accountants-in-Training from local universities, supervised by MERIT Staff and a QuickBooks Advanced Certified Bookkeeper can assist you with your business needs!

Including QuickBooks Online support, bookkeeping & education, registration with Secretary of State, obtaining an EIN, set-up and organizing of record keeping systems, one-on-one coaching and more!

($5 initial consultation fee)

Vision: Servicios Negocio

Por un subsidio generoso del Ford Family Foundation, nuestro equipo de Contadores-En-Entrenamiento entrenados en Quickbooks, con la supervision de MERIT y un QuickBooks Advanced certificado contador, les asistaran con las necesidades de su negocio! 

Incluyendo: Quickbooks Asistencia en Linea,  y Educacion, registracion con el Secretario Estatal, obtener un número de identificación del empleado , organizacion de su Teneduria de libros, juntas Individuales

 ($5 primer consulta)

"When we started our business, we went through the MERIT program which was a great resource for us, it really helped us learn what steps we needed to take to start a small business, we had not owned a restaurant before and it so it proved to be a great program for us. I would recommend anybody starting a business to contact the folks at MERIT and you’ll learn a lot."

- Nate Raffins, Rafyn's Restaurant in Salem, OR